Jalprayah Autotech Pump Controller


The advantages of the Jalprayah Autotech Pump Controller are as follows:

  1. No need to monitor the flow of electricity
  2. Water level check avoids dry running of the motor
  3. Runs online on IoT technology (runs completely on top of mobile application)
  4. Accurate time setting as well as full automatic control
  5. Controls any type of motor
  6. Can be set for round the clock (on time/off time)
  7. One-time setting is required as well as the facility to update time annually
  8. It automatically loads the previous settings when the circuit is reset
  9. Saves the cost of month-to-month recharges (saves about Rs. 2400 per recharge per year)


Having trouble turning the motor on/off in the middle of the night due to constant power cuts?  To get rid of this hassle RN ORGANIC comes up with a time-based “Jalprayah Autotech Pump Controller”.  This pump controller is time-based.  One time, it works accordingly within the given time limit, no matter how long the power cut.  It offers more advanced features than the controllers currently available in the market.  In this, the controller can control through the mobile application and the mobile application also knows the water capacity available in your farm through GPS mapping.  Also, there is no need to recharge every month like other controllers. The product is patented (Patent No. – 309927).

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